Premier of the oil rich Canadian province of Alberta is looking for allies in Russia who would lend him support in his objections to the Kyoto Accord ratified by Canada. Premier Ralf Klien wrote letters to the heads of the three biggest oil and gas rich regions in Russia explaining his reasons for concern over the measures aimed at decreasing consequences from the "greenhouse effect".

Khanty-Mansy Region, Tiumen Region and Yamalo-Nenetsk Region of Russia have a long history of co-operation with Alberta in different areas, including the use of natural resources. Defending his rejection of the Kyoto Accord the Premier of Alberta states that presently not all conditions of the accord are met and that Russia is a key factor. The Premier has not received any reply from Russia yet but judging from the information provided by the news agencies, Moscow is still reviewing economic impact of the implementation of the Accord and only after this review will decide whether to ratify it or not.

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