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United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
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Department of Citizenship and Immigration
Citizenship and Immigration Canada was created in November 1993 and formally established by an Act of Parliament in June 1994. Its creation recognized the link between the selection of immigrants and the granting of citizenship.

Canada Immigrant Job Issues
Resourceful site for immigrants and visible minorities in Canada, specializing in discrimination and unfair practices in the Canadian job market.

Canadian Council for Refugees
The Canadian Council for Refugees is a non-profit umbrella organization committed to the rights and protection of refugees in Canada and around the world and to the settlement of refugees and immigrants in Canada.

Catholic Immigration Centre
The Catholic Immigration Centre (CIC) is an agency that has been serving the immigrants and refugees in the Ottawa-Carleton region for over 40 years. We are community-based, non-profit agency.

Metropolitan Immigrant Settlement Association
Located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, MISA began in 1980 in response to the Vietnamese Boat People. Services were delivered with one paid part-time staff member and lots of volunteers.

Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization
The OCISO has the mandate to enable newcomers to the Ottawa area to become equal participants in all aspects of Canadian society through the provision of specialized and innovative services.

Pier 21 Society
Pier 21 Society's inception resulted from a concern among a small group of people, working in the areas of immigration and culture, that the building which had at one time housed a major immigration port of entry facility was falling into disrepair.

Quinte United Immigrant Services
In June of 1986, Quinte United Immigrant Services Founding President Susan Walker became aware of funding for settlement agencies and of the existence of Kingston and District Immigration Services (K.D.I.S).



National Generic Organizations

Department of Canadian Heritage
The Department, agencies and Crown corporations that are part of the Canadian Heritage Portfolio contribute to the growth and development of Canadian cultural and sporting life, the promotion of a fairer, more equitable society, the nation's linguistic duality and multicultural character.

Canadian Ethnic Studies Association
CESA is a non-profit interdisciplinary organization devoted to the study of ethnicity, multiculturalism, immigration, intergroup relations, and the cultural life of ethnic groups in Canada. CESA also publishes the Canadian Ethnic Studies Journal.

Canadian Ethnocultural Council
Founded in 1980, the Canadian Ethnocultural Council (CEC) is a non-profit, non-partisan coalition of national ethnocultural umbrella organizations which, in turn, represent a cross-section of ethnocultural groups across Canada. The CEC's objectives are to ensure the preservation, enhancement and sharing of the cultural heritage of Canadians, the removal of barriers that prevent some Canadians from participating fully and equally in society, the elimination of racism and the preservation of a united Canada.

Cultures Canada
A online program sponsored by Canadian Heritage, Canadian Ethnocultural Council and other public organizations to celebrate, enjoy, experience and promote the rich diversity which multiculturalism brings to Canada.

Statistics Canada
Canadian Resource Page
Connecting Canadians
International Council for Canadian Studies
Research Resource Division for Refugees
Canadian Culture Online Funding Program


Provincial and Municipal Organizations

Calgary Jewish Centre
Calgary Multicultural Centre
Multicultural Heritage Centre

British Columbia

Affiliation of Multicultural Societies and Service Agencies of B. C.
Central Vancouver Island Multicultural Society
Vancouver Multicultural Society

Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs
First Nations - Communities in Manitoba

New Brunswick
Multicultural Council of New Brunswick
Multicultural Association of Fredericton, Inc
The Multicultural Association of Greater Moncton
Carleton County Multicultural Association
Aboriginal Peoples in New Brunswick

Labrador Metis Nation

Nova Scotia
Metropolitan Immigrant Settlement Assn. (MISA)
Multicultural Assn. of Colchester County
Multicultural Association of Nova Scotia
Pier 21 Society of Nova Scotia
Youth Against Racism

Northwest Territories
Cultural Links - Yahoo Canada

Canadian Arctic Resources Committee

Ottawa Multicultural Folk Arts Council
Multicultural Council of Windsor/Essex

Prince Edward Island
The Island Register

Cultural Links - Yahoo Canada

Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan

Yukon First Nations Tourism Assn.


Ethno-specific Organizations

Canadian Islamic Congress
The CIC purposes to promote, advance, co-ordinate, facilitate, demonstrate and implement the teachings and practices of Islam in accordance with the Statement of Faith herein amongst Muslims, Non-Muslims, and Islamic organizations in Canada and abroad.

Chinese Candian National Council
The national umbrella organization formed in 1979 to promote the rights of Chinese Canadians, to encourage their full and equal participation in Canadian society and to promote understanding and cooperation between Chinese Canadians and all other ethnic, cultural and racial groups in Canada.

India-Canada Association
The Association has a mandate to promote social, cultural and educational interests of Indian Canadian community, develop understanding between members of its community and retain Indian languages and cultural traditions as essential components of multi-culturalism.

National Association of Japanese Canadians
NAJC negotiated the historic Redress Settlement on behalf of all Japanese Canadians who suffered at the hands of their own government during World War II, being interned and having their property seized and sold without consent. The Redress agreement was signed on September 22, 1988 by Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and NAJC President Art Miki.

Canadian Jewish Congress / Congrès juif canadien
Canadian Jewish Congress is the democratically elected, national organizational voice of the Jewish community of Canada. Serving as the community's vehicle for defence and representation, CJC acts on matters affecting the status, rights and welfare of the Canadian Jewish community, other Diaspora communities and the Jewish people in Israel.

Canadian Council of South Africans
The Canadian Council of South Africans was formed in March 1997 and works with the High Commissioner for South Africa to encourage the growth of a vibrant and united South African community in Canada and to strengthen the links between Canada and South Africa.

Federation of Canadian Turkish Associations
The Federation of Canadian Turkish Associations is an umbrella organization representing 19 member associations from Victoria BC to Quebec, which include approximately 50,000 Canadians of Turkish origin.

Vietnamese Canadian Federation / Fédération Vietnamienne du Canada
Founded in 1980, the Vietnamese Canadian Federation (VCF), a non-profit community-based organization with 15 members at present from across Canada.



Promotion and Advocacy

Canadian Race Relations Foundation
The Canadian Race Relations Foundation aims to help bring about a more harmonious Canada that acknowledges its racist past, recognizes the pervasiveness of racism today, and is committed to creating a future in which all Canadians are treated equitably and fairly.

Urban Alliance on Race Relations
The UARR was formed in 1975 by a group of concerned Toronto citizens to promote a stable and healthy multiracial, multi-ethnic environment in the Metro Toronto community by undertaking educational, research, and advocative activities that promote racial and ethnic harmony.

Artists Against Racism
Artists Against Racism aims at building an understanding of all peoples. To speak to the youth, the future of our global community, about the basic human right of equality, so that a civilized society will, in the next millennium, finally result.

Beyond Prejudice
To recognize the insidious power of prejudice is to take the first step toward defeating it. Understanding that prejudicial thinking can be diminished through education will bring people together to successfully solve this shared problem. It is toward this end that Beyond Prejudices is committed.

Canadian Anti-Racism Education and Research Society
The Canadian Anti-racism Education and Research Society is a frontline anti-racism organization that provides mani services including anti-racism workshops and training in non-violent solutions to racism and hate group activity.

Challenging White Supremacy Network
Workshops designed by white anti-racist organizer Sharon Martinas. Many of the issues raised are of particular concern to white activists committed to creating anti-racist political practice in white-dominated progressive grassroots movements.

Colours of Resistance
Colours of Resistance (COR) is a grassroots network of people who actively work to develop multiracial, anti-racist politics in the movement against global capitalism.

ERASE - Expose Racism and Advance School Excellence
The ERASE Initiative is a national program which challenges racism in public schools and promotes racial justice and academic excellence for all students.

Internet Centre Anti-Racism in Europe (ICARE)
The Internet Centre Anti Racism Europe is a partnership between United for Intercultural Action and the Magenta foundation.

No Room for Racism (Shasta County Citizens Against Racism)
Shasta County Citizens Against Racism was founded in 1988 in response to a racially motivated shooting in Redding. Those forming the group felt it was time for an organization to speak out against violent racially motivated attacks that had too long gone unanswered in this largely white county.

Students and Teachers Opposing Prejudice (STOP)
Students and Teachers Opposing Prejudice (S.T.O.P.) is a student-centered organization at Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School whose objective is to work towards the elimination of prejudice in society.


Legal Issues

African-Canadian Legal Clinic
The ACLC is a not-for-profit organization which was officially opened in October 1994, to address systemic racism and racial discrimination in Ontario through a test case litigation strategy.

Alliance for Employment Equity
The Alliance for Employment Equity is a province-wide coalition of community groups, labour groups and individuals who are members of equity-seeking groups and their supporters.

British Columbia Civil Liberties Association
The British Columbia Civil Liberties Association (BCCLA) is the oldest and most active civil liberties group in Canada. It is a group of citizens who volunteer our energy and talents to fulfill our mandate: to preserve, defend, maintain and extend civil liberties and human rights in British Columbia.

Canadian Civil Liberties Association
The CCLA is a lobbying and law-reform, non-profit, non-government organization dealing with issues of fundamental civil liberties and human rights that affect those who live all across Canada.

Canadian Council of Churches (Justice and Peace Commission)
The purpose of the Commission on Justice and Peace is to provide a forum for member churches of the Canadian Council of Churches to share information and concerns among those involved in ecumenical work on peace and social justice in Canada and the world.

Canadian Muslim Civil Liberties Association
The CMCLA's main objective is to advocate for the full and equal participation of Canadian Muslims in the social, educational, legal and political spheres in keeping with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Court Challenges Programs of Canada
The Court Challenges Program of Canada is a national non-profit organization which was set up in 1994 to provide financial assistance for important court cases that advance language and equality rights guaranteed under Canada's Constitution.

Law Society of Upper Canada
As part of the Law Society of Upper Canada's mandate to ensure access to justice, the Law Society integrates equity and diversity values and principles into its policies, programs and procedures.

Southern Poverty Law Centre
The Center began as a small civil rights law firm in 1971. Now it is internationally known for its tolerance education program, its legal victories against white supremacist groups, its tracking of hate groups and its sponsorship of the Civil Rights Memorial.

Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association (UCCLA)
The Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association (UCCLA) is a non-partisan, voluntary and non-profit research and educational organization committed to the articulation and promotion of the Ukrainian Canadian community's interests.


Canadian Centre on Minority Affairs
The Canadian Centre on Minority Affairs Inc (CCMA) is a non-profit, educational and human resource development organization aimed at promoting the integration and participation of Caribbean-Canadians into the mainstream of Canadian society; promoting partnership with other mainstream Canadian institutions

Canadian Council to Promote Equality and Respect
Formerly the Canadian Council for Christians and Jews, the CPER works to achieve a Canada free of racial, religious and ethno-cultural prejudice through the provision of educational and public awareness programs and activities.

Canadian Education Policy and Administrative Network - Diversity and Equity Sample Policy
The Canadian Educational Policy and Administration Network is organized to support informed decision-making in education. Look to CEPAN for the information you need about the administration of elementary and secondary education.

Canadian Federation of Municipalities (Race Relations Award)
The aim of the FCM Race Relations Award is to encourage all FCM member municipal governments to demonstrate leadership in promoting acceptance of cultural diversity and fostering racial harmony in their communities across Canada.

Catalyst Centre
The Catalyst Centre celebrates and promotes innovative learning, popular education, research and community development to advance positive social change.

Council of Agencies Serving South Asians
CASSA is a non-profit umbrella organization of agencies, which provide services to the south Asian community in Metro and Greater Toronto Area.

Founded in 1994, the Harmony Movement encourages Canadians of all racial, cultural and religious origins to embrace and promote harmony, diversity, as well as equality. Members of the Harmony Movement hope to dispel myths about prejudice in our society.

Mariposa in the Schools
MITS is a not-for-profit charitable organization offering multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural programming. It continues to maintain its roots in the folk traditions that are relevant to its communities.

National Urban League
The National Urban League, headquartered in New York City, spearheads its nonprofit, nonpartisan, community-based movement. Its mission is to enable African Americans to secure economic self-reliance, parity and power and civil rights.

Network of Alliances Bridging Race and Ethnicity (The)
NABRE (pronounced "neighbor") an initiative of the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, is a network of community-based organizations working across the country to bridge racial and ethnic divisions. Through dialogue, community improvement projects, school and club exchanges, joint worship services, and other activities, these organizations all work to create more just, inclusive and peaceful communities.

Nikkei Place
The National Nikkei Heritage Centre Society's mission is to create an exciting environment that honours its pioneers, unites our community, and inspires future generations to achieve excellence in Canadian society.

North Okanagan Race Relations Committee
The North Okanagan Race Relations Committee was formed in April, 1992 at the request of local Multicultural, Immigrant Services and Human Rights groups.

United Nations Association in Canada
UNA-Canada is a national non-profit organization promoting UN programmes and activities within Canada. The Association offers individual Canadians a window into the work of the UN, and a channel through which to become engaged in the critical international issues affecting us all.



Colleges and Universities

Redcrow Community College
The Mission of the Red Crow Board of Governors is to provide quality educational training opportunities to adult Indian and non-Indian residents and employees of the Blood Reserve and surrounding areas.

Saskatchewan Indian Federated College
The SIFC is a First Nations controlled university-college, which provides educational opportunities to both First Nations, and non-First Nations' students selected from a provincial, national, and international base.


Research Centres

Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre
The Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre is a non-governmental, non-profit organization with the mission of promoting awareness among Albertans about civil liberties and human rights through research and education.

Balch Institute (Library and Archive for Multicultural Studies)
The Balch Institute documents and interprets the ethnic and immigrant experience in the United States. The holdings include books, personal papers, organizational records, photographs, audio recordings, newspapers and pamphlets representing 19th and 20th century American ethnic life.

Centre d'etudes ethniques des universite montrelaises
CEETUM is a centre for research and interdisciplinary training in the ethnic studies field. It brings together 19 researchers from the Universit?de Montr閍l, INRS-Urbanisation, Culture et Soci閠? McGill University, ENAP, and the Universit?du Qu閎ec ?Montr閍l.

Centre for Excellence for Research on Immigration and Settlement (CERIS)
CERIS is a collaborative project governed by a Management Board that encompasses Ryerson Polytechnic University, University of Toronto, York University, the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants, the Social Planning Council of Metropolitan Toronto, and the United Way of Greater Toronto.

Centre for Immigration and Multicultural Studies (Australian National University)
The Centre's activities were concentrated on the Centenary of Federation edition of The Australian People, funded through the Commonwealth-State Immigration Ministers' Research Fund. Work on this encyclopedia remained as the Centre's major enterprise.

Centre for Refugee Studies (York University)
The Centre for Refugee Studies is engaged in research on refugee issues; it informs public discussion as well as policy development and practice innovation by international, governmental, advocacy and service organizations; and it supports teaching in refugee and migration studies.

European Research Centre on Migration and Ethnic Relations
ERCOMER is a European research centre with a strong interest in comparative research in the fields of international migration, ethnic relations, racism and ethnic conflict within the European context. It is based at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Utrecht University, the Netherlands.

Frost Centre for Canadian Studies and Native Studies (Trent University)
The Centre assists scholars in the Humanities and Social Sciences to engage in interdisciplinary research on a broad range of thematics related to Canadian Studies and Native Studies.

Human Rights Research and Education Centre (University of Ottawa)
The HRREC aims at furthering the discussion of the linkages between human rights, governance, legal reform and development.

Initiative on Conflict Resolution and Ethnicity
INCORE (Initiative on Conflict Resolution and Ethnicity) was set up in 1993 by the University of Ulster and the United Nations University to undertake research and policy work that is useful to the resolution of ethnic, political and religious conflicts.

Institute for Race and Poverty (University of Minnesota)
This research institute's goals are to create scholarship, commentary and dialogue to increase the understanding and support of those unfairly constrained by race and poverty.

Intercultural Institute of Montreal
The Intercultural Institute of Montreal is a non-profit research and social action organization, dedicated to promoting an ever-deepening understanding of cultural pluralism, intercultural relations and social change. Its scope is local, national as well as international.

Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies (Concordia University)
The Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies (MIGS) was founded in 1986, based in the departments of History and Sociology at Concordia University. It collects and disseminates knowledge created by researchers about the historical origins of the mass killings that have become such a prominent part of the twentieth century.

Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict Research Group (NECRG)
The Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict Research Group (NECRG) is an interdisciplinary unit, based in Western’s Department of Political Science, which brings together scholars who have research interests in specific aspects of this field.

Prairie Centre of Excellence for Research on Immigration and Integration
The Prairie Centre is a consortium representing six prairie universities including the University of Alberta; University of Calgary; University of Manitoba; University of Regina; University of Saskatchewan and the University of Winnipeg.

Research on Immigration and Integration in the Metropolis
RIIM is one of four Canadian research centres dedicated to studying the impact of Canadian immigrants on local economies, the family, educational systems and the physical infrastructure of cities.

Sociosite - Ethnicity, Migration, Racism
The SocioSite is a project based at the faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Amsterdam. It presents the resources and information that are important for the international sociological scene.

Urban Institute
The Urban Institute's goals are to sharpen thinking about society's problems and efforts to solve them, improve government decisions and their implementation, and increase citizens' awareness about important public choices.


University Chairs

Ariel F. Sallows Chair of Human Rights (University of Saskatchewan)
The Ariel F. Sallows Chair of Human Rights is the first endowed chair at the College of Law of the University of Saskatchewan and the first endowed chair of human rights in any college of law in Canada.

James Robinson Johnston Chair in Black Canadian Studies (Dalhousie University)
The James Robinson Johnston Chair in Black Canadian Studies was established at Dalhousie University with the support of a $2.5 million endowment, of which more than $1.5 million has been raised.


University Curricula

Inclusive Curriculum 2000 (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education)
This document has been designed for teachers to use when developing curriculum material, designing curriculum units, or planning any curricular activities.

Race and Ethnicity Online (Trinity University)
John Kennedy observed how Alexis de Tocqueville saw the United States as "a society of immigrants, each of whom had begun life anew, on an equal footing.

Race/Ethnicity and Public Policy (Rutgers University)
Part of a course in Managing Diversity in Organizations, by Prof. Nancy DiTomaso.

Race, Healthcare and the Law (University of Dayton)
The Institute on Race, Health Care and the Law is dedicated to improving the health status of ethnic Americans by helping legislators, policy makers, lawyers, health care professionals and consumers examine race, health and human rights;

Simon Fraser University Ethnic and Intercultural Relations Post Baccalaureate Diploma
The Ethnic and Intercultural Relations Post Baccalaureate Diploma is the study of ethnically defined conflicts and problems of migration.

University of Michigan's Program on Intergroup Relations, Conflict and Community
The Program on Intergroup Relations, Conflict and Community (IGRCC) was inaugurated at a time of heightened racial and ethnic tensions at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor campus in 1988.

University of Toronto Ethnic, Immigration and Pluralism Studies
Expertise in the study of ethnicity is greatly valued by social agencies and other institutions that deal with issues that include: immigration and immigrant adjustment, Native Peoples, and cultural diversity policies.

York University Refugee and Migration Studies
The programme of study allows students enrolled in a graduate programme at York University to specialize formally in refugee and migration studies and to be awarded a Graduate Diploma in Refugee and Migration Studies.


University Policies

Affirmative Action and Diversity Project: A Web Page for Research
This site presents diverse opinions regarding Affirmative Action topics; rather than taking a singular pro or con position, it is designed to help lend many different voices to the debates surrounding the issues of affirmative action.

Cornell University (Employment Discrimination: an overview)
These pages of commentary and primary source references and the layers of documents on which they rest have been prepared by LII student editors, working under the supervision of Prof. Peter W. Martin.

Student and Community Advisor - Diversity and Inclusive Initiatives (Red River College)
The Student and Community Advisor - Diversity and Inclusive Initiatives facilitates and delivers support services to culturally diverse students and serves as the contact between ethnically-diverse communities and the College.

University of Southern Maine's Diversity Plan
USM's plan addresses diversity in its broadest sense, but plays particular attention to the need to more effectively include and serve Maine's diverse ethnic and racial communities.

University of Western Ontario Race Relations Policy (PDF)
This is the on-line version of the official UWO Manual of Administrative Policies and Procedures (MAPP). These policies are updated on an ongoing basis, as reflected in the header of each policy. (The "effective date" reflects the most recent update.)


Web Resources

Making History, Constructing 'Race' Conference (University of Victoria)
Multi-disciplinary conference called "Making History, Constructing 'Race': Situating 'Race' in Time, Space and Theory" at the University of Victoria on October 23-25, 1998.

Race and Ethnicity Online - American Political Science Association
Resources for teaching and research, including directories of scholars and publishers, book recommendations, selected links to other websites and much more.

University of Maryland's Diversity Database
The University of Maryland's Diversity Database is a comprehensive index of multicultural and diversity resources.

University of Minnesota Human Rights Library
The University of Minnesota Human Rights Library is an integral part of the University of Minnesota Human Rights Center and works in partnership with the Human Rights Resource Center to Create and distribute human rights education (HRE) resources via electronic and print media

University of Virginia's Multicultural Education Pavilion
The Multicultural Pavilion strives to provide resources for educators, students, and activists to explore and discuss multicultural education; facilitate opportunities for educators to work toward self-awareness and development.

Virtual Library on Migration and Ethnic Relations
The WWW Virtual Library on Migration and Ethnic Relations objective is to create an easy to use guide that thoroughly catalogues in an organised and meaningful way, quality web resources on ethnic relations and migration topics.

World of Black Studies Website (Providence College)
Links from this page will take you to information about the Providence College Program in Black Studies; pages designed by student researchers; selections of our students' favorite "AfroZones" and other Black Studies websites.

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