Copyright Information

Copyright protection has become a critical issue for media monitoring companies and their clients. In order to protect all parties, Pluri Vox has endeavored to ensure its products and services respect all copyright laws. Translations and summaries are creations in the meaning of Canada's Copyright Act, and as such are subject to their own protection as copyrighted materials. Pluri Vox Media Corp. purchases or subscribes to hundreds of publications monitored by our staff. Thus the content and certain rights are acquired in this first transaction. Pluri Vox staff then process, translate and summarize the content and generate a new product, called the summary or the translation, or both, and these new creations or works become the intellectual property of Pluri Vox Media Corp. These products, in turn, now carrying their own copy rights are then offered to our clients. In this final transaction, the copyright may pass to the client with some restrictions. These restrictions on rights, including the right to mass-reproduce the copyrighted Pluri Vox product by sending out email copies of the summaries, are negotiated on client-individual basis. Each copyright infringement activity can result in substantial penalties and negative publicity. For more information about Pluri Vox Media Corp., copyright, and the right to re-distribute work by email or other means, please contact us at 1 866 261 7791.