Corporate History - 80's to Present

Federally incorporated in 1999, Pluri Vox Media Corp. is Canada's only cross-cultural media monitoring service company. Since inception, two principles have guided the delivery of our services: rigour and respect. The rigour ensures the quality of our services and the integrity of our staff. Respect fully expresses Pluri Vox's vision of a market where cultural, religious and linguistic barriers are no longer communications obstacles. Indeed, as legal, historical, spiritual, religious, economic, ethnic and linguistic components are increasingly factored into modern communication and public affairs strategies, the links you will establish with us will prove broader, stretch further, and last longer.

The experience bundled into Pluri Vox Media Corp. extends back to the 1980s. It was then that our shareholders launched successful translating businesses which provided translations in three Eastern European languages and in French to government and private clients in Canada and the United States.

When the Cold War ended in December 1991, political barriers were struck down and language was far more prone to international fluidity but also to vagueness, misunderstandings and confusion. In 1992, a key contract was won with an Ernst & Young affiliate in the former Soviet Union. The contract was a watershed in the transformation of the former USSR's legal and linguistic-economic structure.

By the late 1990s, services were in demand for information industry requirements in the United States, especially for the high-technology sector - Mind Computers, Rotary Automotive Lifts, International Business Machines, and the Royal Bank of Canada. Key to our success, then an now, is the insertion of client feedback during contract implementation. This interaction, we believe, like no other methodology, goes furthest toward ensuring client satisfaction. Several draft versions of products are revised and enhanced by the end-user.

Since the events of 11 September 2001, Pluri Vox Media Corp. has shifted its focus to cross-cultural relations, race politics and related social policy research. Monitoring of media, with special emphasis on non-official languages, is still our main service. The focus is now on sifting, perceiving and rendering important nuances from the multicultural press into readily available, retrievable English and French content.

Our staff and directors adhere to a clear and demanding Pluri Vox Media Corp. Code of Ethics, which has resulted in a repeat corporate clientele record that speaks for itself: The Canadian and American Broadcasting Corporations, The Universities of Winnipeg, Ottawa , York, and Toronto, and Department of Canadian Heritage, to name a few. Today, Pluri Vox can communicate simultaneously in more than 24 languages, from Arabic to Vietnamese.

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