Recognising, Respecting and Representing Diversity

Canada's national multicultural communications agency, Pluri Vox Media Corporation offers a broad range of services representing cultures and languages from around the world. We are a connection to voices, opinions and goals of North America's ethnic and language communities. Through our operations a specialised relationship with the ethnic press in Canada is sustained.

Our services include:

Media Monitoring and Analysis: providing English/French summaries of news from up to 400 ethnic press sources in Canada, and special reports with analyses of significant trends reflected in ethnic, community and mainstream media.

Diversity Training: providing training needed to build workplaces that recognize, respect and incorporate diversity; training for persons requiring specialised knowledge for making cross-cultural interactions successful.

Other Services: Translation services, advertising, career counseling, settlement resources and services, analysis and commentary, cultural mediation.

Pluri Vox Media Corporation is committed to promoting equality, representation, cross-cultural communication, and supporting cultural and linguistic diversity in Canada and around the world.


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